(PPG) Presentation Parent Guild

The Presentation Parent Guild is organized to assist the pastor and the principal in every way possible to provide for the needs of the students and the classrooms. All parents are members of the Parent Guild who give yearly service points:

  • to promote active involvement in their children’s education
  • to build community
  • to raise funds

Funds raised by the Parent Guild are used to sponsor spiritual, educational, and cultural activities for students, parents, and faculty; for equipment, materials, and books; and for other supplies which are in the school budget and which will aid the educational work of the school.

Parents build community as they work together on fundraising and earn their service points. While working for the general good, friendships are developed and school pride is the (a) result.

We are very proud of the parents’ participation. This support helps our school to be affordable and enjoyable for all and truly creates community.

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